GoodWork workplaces unite remote teams from all over the world

The new ICO project Goodwork is breaking into the real estate market. Working together from different parts of the world has never been easier.

Goodwork is an ecosystem for remote teams, which includes co-working spaces, task management system and CRM-system. This project helps freelancers, co-workers, employers and employees to work as a team from different cities and countries. The ecosystem is based on GoodWork co-working spaces, which are going to be established in districts and cities chosen by most OOO token holders.

The project’s goal is to change the global approach of employers to human labour and its conditions. GoodWork co-working spaces provide healthy work environment and, therefore, increase people’s productivity. The target audience includes freelancers, individual entrepreneurs, small business owners and project teams.

GoodWork spaces are established in four different types: small (up to 100 m), medium (up to 200 m), large (300-800m) and global (800 – 3000 m). Besides the size of floor spaces, these types of co-working places differ from each other by number of offices and open spaces. All workspaces have WC and kitchen, some of them have meeting rooms, lounge zones, conference halls and gyms.

GoodWorks also provide some additional options, for example, access to GoodNet portal and GoodCRM. In the past one of the main problems of the market was lack of opportunities for remote team members to interact with each other. GoodWork is solving this problem. Blockchain-based systems, GoodNet and GoodCRM, are created for remote teams. GoodNet is an internal portal, which contains information about residents and their services. Using GoodNet you can hold tenders, manage paperwork, make secure transactions and find freelancers. CRM system helps work team members to interact with each other and manage their tasks.

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