Enhancing Inventory and Reputation Distribution Through Decentralisation

At Arcadier, we understand that consumer trust, scalability and business interconnectivity are vital to eCommerce and marketplace success. As we look to the future and serving the needs of our customers, blockchain technology will play a crucial role in our core marketplace SaaS and enterprise offerings, and will help convert eCommerce challenges into tremendous sales opportunities. We develop a plan to future proof our business and better serve our customers and their customers, including marketplace operators, sellers and buyers. Our innovation and drive led us on a path to embrace decentralisation, integrate high value blockchain use cases relevant to our customers, and embed advanced predictive data analytics onto Arcadier marketplace platform.

Our existing solution will first be enhanced with blockchain-based inventory distribution and trust consolidation and portability systems as foundational solutions. Follow-on, additional platform enhancements will be deployed over the next five years, such as cryptocurrency payments, affilitate marketing and AI/ML driven capabilities. Our goal is to establish an intelligent and extended eCommerce ecosystem, connecting Arcadier’s ecosystem of marketplaces to the online market beyond Arcadier.

Our acclaimed market-leading technology enables individuals, communities, and organisations to develop, launch, and maintain their marketplace concepts quickly, efficiently, and affordably. With the ability to generate revenue today, we are a proven viable commercial business that is doubling its revenues every six months, moving us swiftly into a cashflow-positive position.

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Dinuke Ranasinghe, Chief Executive Officer / Co-Founder -

Paul J Cascun, Chief Technology Officer / Co-Founder -

Kenneth Low, Chief Commercial Officer / Co-Founder -

June Boo, General Manager North America -

Jiunn Shyong Tang, Group Financial Controller -

Jerome Lasic, Lead Engineer -

Thien Nguyen, Software Development Lead -

Rachael Chin, Product Lead -

Mak Hesson, Customer Service Lead -

Evelina Ip, New Business Manager -

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