Smart-Link connecting owners, assets and brands

Arianee is an open protocol on which a developer can easily develop decentralized apps. And the best is yet to come. The Vault is an easy-to-use online repository where owners can register all their products free of charge. Backed by blockchain, it’s failproof and 100% secure. The Smart-Link gives owners full control over access to their vault. Owners choose which data to share, when, and with whom. Brands and all future owners maintain a lasting link that they control. Products registered on the Arianee blockchain are displayed as “Smart-Assets,” which can be saved along with proof of ownership, warranties, and other important documents. In the hub, brands can authenticate objects and connect to product owners throughout a product’s lifetime. Developers can integrate with ERPs, CRMs and more.

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Emmanuelle Collet, Marketing -

Julien Romanetto, Product -

Alexandre Cognard, Technical -

Christian Jorge, Operations -

Fréderic Montagnon, Chairman Board Member -

Jean-Marc Bellaiche, Business Development -

Luc Jodet, Business Architecture -

Gregory Pouy, Brand Evangelist -

Julien Abriel, Product Manager -

Fabrice Ezzine, Lead Back End -

Stephen Ferron, Editor -

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