Auxledger enables organizations to build their fully customizable network as per business & compliance requirements

A blockchain generation empowered with hybrid networks where businesses would be able to enjoy the scalability, security and privacy of a private blockchain while maintaining the ability to prove data integrity and maintain overall consensus through cross-chains. Networks can be deployed on a multitier basis, while the thousands and millions of blockchain networks are able to communicate swiftly. Anetwork supported by improved virtual machine able to process transaction and information in a more reliable environment. Auxledger is being created as an infrastructure supporting these third-generation features that require blockchain technology to move in mainstream adoption.

At the heart of Auxledger we have designed a powerful enterprise grade public blockchain network that will be the genesis implementation of Auxledger infrastructure; supporting the creation of multi-tier networks and handling consensus while allowing inter-chain operability

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Akash Gaurav, Chief Executive Officer -

Anjali Kashyap, VP - Innovation -

Kumar Gaurav, Chairman & Founder -

Shabahat M. Ayubi, Blockchain Architect -

Sudhir Chaudhary, SVP - Technology -

Sunny Kumar, VP - Operations -

Wolfgang Strasser, Chief Strategy Officer -

Nausherwan Shah, Chief Product Officer -

Parishilan Rayamajhi, Blockchain Engineer -

Harshala Pawar, Blockchain Engineer -

Jitendra Patwa, Blockchain Engineer -

Sweta Mishra, Blockchain Engineer -

Devansh Shah, Blockchain Engineer -

Ritesh Dubal, Core Developer -

Jitender Bhutani, Core Developer -

Prachi Kumrawat, Backend Developer -

Mayur Nalwala, Core Developer -

Pradip Kolhe, Core Developer -

Suchitra Swain, Core Developer -

Tanmay Pandharipande, Core Developer -

Ketan Mate, Core Developer -

Sonali Bansal, Community Manager -

Utkarsh Saxena, Design Strategist -

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