A decentralized automotive marketplace.

DASHUB inc. is an online automotive marketplace company that sells used vehicles and associated services via its primary website With this project DASHUB intends to produce blockchain-based technology designed to enhance key elements of its current operations. This technology is called the Automotive eXchange Platform (AXP) and its token is called the Automotive eXchange Token (AXT).

DASHUB has identified several areas of its core business it believes can be enhanced through the use of blockchain technology. Each example (which they refer to as “Use Cases”) will be described in detail later in this White Paper. If launched, both its core business and existing consumer base- currently 250,000+ members strong- will have immediate access to the platform through the use of DASHUB’s website, integrated wallet, and an Application Programming Interface (API). This business and consumer activity will drive the initial value and utility of the Automotive eXchange Token (AXT).

All transactions made within the AXP will be contained in a decentralized distributed ledger. And since the platform would launch with considerable existing business and consumer activity, it is expected that the platform’s performance metrics will substantiate the benefits of the platform and encourage other companies to also adopt and build upon the AXP. Once functioning, consumers will be able to use/interact with AXP without additional industry adoption, which we expect will create consumer demand for AXP’s services and therefore create demand for its token (AXT). This activity will generate momentum that DASHUB and its partners hope to use to scale the platform internally and externally by lobbying the automotive industry at large.

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Max Kane, DASHUB CEO -

Matthew Weitzman, DASHUB CTO -

Michael LedermanM DASHUB COO -

Bret Beyer, DASHUB President -

Tamara Friend, DASHUB VP of Operations -

Stan Johnson, DASHUB VP of Sales -

David Fugit, DASHUB Director of Marketing -

Nicholas Liappas, Blockchain Director -

Josh Wilcox, Chief Strategy Officer -

Robert Llompart, Business Development -

Alex Casassovici, Blockchain Architect -

Denis Moshentsev, Project Manager -

Nick Petrov, Smart Contract Engineer -

Andriy Doroshonko, dApp Engineer -

Cody Dietz, Product Development -

Harun Kadribegic, Community Manager -

Guilherme Ferreira, UI / UX Designer -

Mridul Biswas, Sr. Web Engineer -

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