A blockchain based platform, utilizing the power of smart contract and artificial intelligence algorithm.

BeANKH platform will be powered by BeANKH tokens, (token symbol ANKH), that will be available for purchase by platform supporters and members of the crypto community during crowdsale and on the crypto Exchanges past the successful Initial Coin Offering Campaign. BeANKH token is a typical utility token that will be used to make in-app purchases at the BeANKH Environment, thus its price will be directly correlated with platform’s Popularity. Service is secured against direct competition in the centralized environment, making it technologically challenging and economically infeasible to build similar product outside of blockchain realm.

Based on the competition analysis that we covered earlier there are no organizations, providing similar set of services in the decentralized environment either. In the initial stage, BeANKH token is and will be the only currency used to make in-app purchase to the platform. We may introduce fiat payment options for clients, that don’t have technical skills to acquire tokens, however fiat powered access to the platform will cost more. BeANKH will have a certain paid services mostly for usage of the digital personality outside of the BeANKH environment and for communication with the third parties. Ankhlabs GmbH ecosystem is built on top of Ethereum infrastructure, thus there will be no direct way of interaction with fiat currencies. In this scenario, third party APIs will be used to conduct payments that will result in extra fees. That is why native BeANKH token will be the best way to pay for the services.

Christian Mars, Co-Founder, Managing Director & Just Do It Evangelist -

Volkan Yilmaz, Co-Founder, Managing Director & Chief Techie Architect -

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