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Bether represent the TOP cryptocurrencies in only one! The idea of Bether's currency is to simplify the entry into the world of crypto coins for our entire community of blockchain lovers who wish to buy coins without having to have accounts opened in various exchanges. The basket of currencies serves as support and protection to the investors of our currency since its price variation will depend only by the fluctuation of the top cryptocurrencies. The Bether currency will be more stable than any of the rest if it is bought individually. The management team responsible for the basket of currencies will only intervene in the selection of the same with entry or exit of one of the components of the basket if the individual devaluation of that currency occurs drastically, this as a way of protecting the Bether coin owners. The expectation of profits of Bether does not derive directly on the work or efforts of any team member but by the law of money supply and demand. On the other hand, the Bether currency can adapt to the technological evolution of the blockchain because it can change a certain currency of the portfolio (support basket) if its evolution stops or the project is outdated. Holders of Bether will receive 20% quarterly if the coin basket has an appreciation during that time period. Bether will always be a currency representative of the best cryptocurrencies. Bether represents the TOP cryptocurrencies in only one.

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Pedro Calixto, CO - FOUNDER & FUND MANAGER -

Luis Miguel Dionisio, CO - FOUNDER & FUND MANAGER -

Jose Forreira, CO - FOUNDER -

Cristina Azevedo, CO-FOUNDER & PARTNER -

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