First One-Stop-Ecosystem that accelerates mass adoption of Blockchain & Crypto

Blockchain can be considered as the most fundamental technological revolution of the last decades. Unfortunately, this new world is currently full of barriers and most people have no access or hesitate because of serious concerns. But without mass adoption the benefits of Blockchain & DLT won ́t take effect, many token-based services will fail, we won ́t see a sustainable integration in everyday life, the volatility of cryptocurrencies will remain and current investors will face huge losses.

Bloxia breaks down all the barriers that have locked-out the crowds and creates a unique community with millions of users. Just imagine that everyone with a simple smartphone can purchase and swap cryptocurrencies with just a few clicks. Advised by an unique expert community that combines Human + Artificial Intelligence, based on the most sophisticated market data. Securing assets intuitively in the first mobile hardware wallet. Accessing dApps and services with a single click. Not afraid of regulations because of legal compliance. Engaged by a real daily use of crypto. This will open the world of Blockchain & Cryptocurrencies to millions of new users, unlock billions of fresh capital, reduce biased news and familiarise users with crypto in daily life.

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Lars Wilde, Co-Founder, Lead: Operations & Architecture -

Manoveg Saxena, Co-Founder, Lead: Blockchain & AI -

Muhammad Usman, Co-Founder, Lead: API & Mobile -

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