Social P2P crypto exchange and hedge trading platform

While many Blockchain experts are trying to find more ways to marry CRYPTO with FIAT, BQT Team believes in reducing dependency on FIAT altogether. Every Crypto Asset has its value and can be used as negotiating tool to acquire another Crypto Asset. We believe that Demand for desired acquisition of Crypto Assets can be fulfilled with significant Supply of various Crypto asset holdings and negotiated directly by trader peers. In addition, we believe market now demands for ability to hedge crypto assets for a short period of time to acquire other Crypto holdings. While it is difficult to implement margin trades and options in the true P2P environment, BQT Team developed innovative and yet more powerful tool to allow traders generate short term Hedge Trades. The aim of BQT is to build a community and culture of Crypto Traders utilizing the Platform, helping the community and benefiting from the community.

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Edward W. Mandel, CEO -

Kirill Ovs, Chief Visionary Officer -

Konstantinos Kastana, COO, CMO — EMEA -

Vyacheslav Mirgorodsky, Chief Technology Officer -

Tim Chen, CMO, APAC -

Bing Deng, Chief Strtegist — APAC -

Victor Jacobs, Business Development Executive -

Bel R. Li, CRO, PR and Media Communications -

Karen Hu, Customer Relations, APAC -

Michael Ma, Sales and Marketing Executive, APAC -

Andreas Ioannou, Legal and Compliance Executive -

Marios Charalambides, Corporate Structuring and Accounting -

Pui Chi Wong, Investment Banking, APAC Business Development -

Evan Berger, International Legal and Venture Finance Strategy -

Andrey Nechesov, Blockchain Developer, Sciencist -

Nick Vero, Sales and Marketing Strategist -

German Tanov, Marketing Strategist -

Maxim Garbuzov, Community Manager. Social Media Marketer. -

Roman Miroshnichenko, Digital Marketing Strategist. Project Manager. -

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