Blockchain primary market integrated service platform

Coindaily is devoted to the primary market of blockchain projects, and is determined to provide one-stop information diffusion, investment decision consultancy, post-investment tracking services, and other project-specific customized services for investors and project parties. Our goal is to provide users with a friendly, open, and interactive primary market integrated service platform, thus making our own contributions to the prosperity and development of the blockchain industry.

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Han Jiang Xue, Founder -

Zhang, Aochuan, Chief Operation Officer -

Xu, Da, Director -

Zhang, Nate, Chief Financial Officer -

Du, Yiming, Fund Manager -

Jiang, Zhiyi, Chief Technology Officer -

Huang, Huanyu, Legal Counsellor -

Zhou, Guozhang, Director Media Operations -

Jain , Deepti, International Community Manager -

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DEED 19-03-2018

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