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The proper application and execution of AML/CTF rules and regulations is a worldwide challenge that is yet to be solved. The current estimates indicate in the traditional system AML enforcement fails 99.9% of the time and less than 1% of global illicit financial flows are seized and forfeited 9 . The procedures are fairly arbitrary and rather general than specific, i.e. considering all transfers from some countries as high risk which helps contribute to the issue of financial exclusion. The application and execution of AML/CTF procedures is even more important for virtual currency businesses.

It is a growing burden that is limiting the speed and scale of market growth. Operating in this new dynamic space requires the application of the same standards as banks and other financial institutions. However, we believe that contrary to the banking system though, the process for virtual currencies can be largely driven by effective data and be fairly democratic as all participants of the ecosystem could deliver input and participate. Thanks to that it could be way more accurate, effective and less arbitrary than the traditional systems. Therefore, it could not only allow for more transparency and efficiency but also open up the financial market to more participants and promote real financial inclusion.

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