Incentivized, Decentralized Content Platform with Search Models

Conjure is an incentivized, decentralized content platform, which enables users to be rewarded with cryptocurrency. Conjure combines concepts from social media, search, and advertising with a cryptocurrency to enable content creators to monetize their content. Using the NEO blockchain to decentralize creative content monetization, Conjure will create new search and advertising economies for our users, content creators, and partners. 

Conjure is building a content platform that intends to reward those who participate on the Conjure platform with cryptocurrency. Conjure is designed according to four guiding principles: 1. The discovery of the content must be based upon transparent open source algorithms and taxonomies. These algorithms for discovery will be governed by consensus of the community. 2. Governance and monetization on the Conjure platform should be based upon a series of smart contracts and cryptocurrencies. 3. The platform for the distribution of content should be governed by the users of the platform, not a central authority that has an economic incentive to enable people to consume content. We’ve already seen what transpires when a centralized organization who has economic incentive distributes content. The centralized organization becomes wealthy, while the content contributors starve. 4. The people who participate on the platform should be rewarded for their participation. The creators who spend time producing the content will be rewarded. The consumers of the content should be rewarded for engaging with or liking the content provided by the platform. The developers who keep the system alive by writing code to facilitate content delivery should also be rewarded.

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Max Helsel, CEO, Co-Founder -

Shane Ciccone, COO, Co-Founder -

Joel Garcia, CTO -

Emmanuel Arri, Finance Advisor -

Travor House, Social & Marketing -

Nick Mohan, Sales & Marketing -

Michael Stein, Sales -

Lydia Benham, Project Management -

Andrey Romanov, Social & Community -

Richard Nacht, Legal Advisor -

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