Utilize Artificial Intelligence (AI) to Build the Best Robo-advisory Platform for Blockchain Investment

CryptovationX was established by Cryptovation and two major collaborators AVA Advisory and Asia Wealth Group. It aims to assist crypto investors by utilizing artificial intelligence (AI) to build a “best of breed” robo-advisory platform for digital asset investment. The project will develop iOS and Android mobile applications equipped with six basic features and three robo-advisory functions including Arbi (Arbitrage trading), Specto (Speculative trading), and Broca (ICO investment). Cryptovation X also aims to assist in solving socio-economic problems such as education, unemployment and poverty by implementing a corporate social responsibility initiative with two strategies: 1) Financial Education Mechanism - a program that allows everyone to become an analyst (“Predictor”) and be compensated for so doing, together with a grant to support other social organizations and 2) Blockchain x AI Ecosystem - a program that encourages R&D and knowledge sharing about the ecosystem, through.

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Theerawat Songyot, Chief AI Scientist -

Krittipong Kanchanapiboon, AI Scientist -

Baramee Sansaengtham, AI Scientist -

Raksasakul Kanthar, AI Scientist -

Rak Suwannarak, AI Scientist -

Member Tanapat, Kamsaiin AI Scientist -

Siphutphong Suwannawong, AI Scientist -

Nutchanon Ninyawee, AI Scientist -

Jerald Tan, Director of 'Wealth for All' Initiative -

Yoottapong Sereepanitchakarn, Business Development Head -

Suttikiat Suttinaraphan, Digital Asset Analyst -

Distat Permpoonwiwat, Bussiness Development -

Yoottapong Sereepanitchakarn, Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Investment, ICO Consulting, -

Darius Sit, Singapore Representative -

Andre Kwok, Hong Kong Representative -

Kim Jiho, South Korean Representative -

Theresa Huang, Taiwan Representative -

Tianen Mao, China Representative -

Pondet Ananchai, Chief Executive Officer -

Niran Pravithana, Chief Innovation Officer -

Richard Cayne, Chief Financial Officer -

Erke Huang, Cheif Investment Officer -

June Thatsanasateankit, Cheif Marketing Officer -

Kitipong Sirichokchaikul, Marketing Executive -

Phatnicha Ieoudomsin, Community Executive -

Thanthaphak Konak, Community Executive -

Makkhawan Voraboot, Director of Blockchain -

Worakon Wattanakulchart, Director of Robo-Advisor Development -

Pongsakorn Rujanaporn, Frontend Lead -

Pin Piboon, Frontend Developer -

Apinand Suraruangchai, UXUI Designer -

Thiraphat Yotharak, Frontend Developer -

Supachai Manotham, Backend Developer -

Chatpichit Kakkaew, Backend Developer -

Juthamas Kunahirunkanok, Backend Developer -

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