Data Choice

Blockchain data audience platform for programmatic ads, putting users in control of their data

Data Choice are reshaping the $65 billion dollar programmatic advertising market, developing two new technologies a Demand Side Platform for agencies & advertisers & our Data Audience Platform that puts you back in control of your data.

Users earn DCT tokens for sharing their data, adding to it & for taking part in our weekly ad surveys. When a user submits their data it is hashed and sent to the blockchain where it makes segmented data sets, using our pixel identifier. This means that your data is fully secure and the breaches we have seen this year cannot happen with Data Choice.

Our DCT ERC20 Token is the only way advertisers and agencies can get access to your data, and we will further incentivise them to use our token for their advertising spend by offering lower technology fees. Our users have choice in how they use their DCT’s, they can hold them, sell them or eventually swap them for other goods and services like netflix membership.

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Andrew Bruce, Founder & Managing Director -

Sean Worrell, Founder & Director -

Graza Garlewicz, Account Strategist -

David French, Business Development -

Will Levitt, Head of Digital -

Ray Willig, Executive VP - Sphere -

Yuri Lapitsky, CTO Sphere -

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