Dataeum - the first collaborative and decentralized platform for Data Generation.

Dataeum aims to put humans at the epicenter of the data ecosystem. We offer the first collaborative and decentralized platform for Data Generation. Using crowdsourcing, Dataeum¡¯s solution enables the collection of 100% of any physical
data such as stores, ATMs, gas stations, museums... all done with 100% accuracy.
Why is Dataeum the next big thing?
1) Dataeum already has an App which enables to gather 100% of any field data, anywhere in the world, with 100% accuracy and make it available on a decentralized marketplace.
2) The collection solution has proven its scalability during successful tests in three major European cities - London, Barcelona and Paris.
3) Dataeum has attracted not only highly experienced and devoted team members, but also such well-known advisors as Simon Cocking, S¨¦bastien Bourguignon, Anders Larsson and Joakim Holmer.

How does it work?
1) The crowdsourcing community (collectors) initiate the process of generating real world data;
2) Other collectors verify the data;
3) If the data match, collectors get remuneration in tokens (70% for initial generation of data and 30% for verification);
4) Validated data becomes available on the decentralized marketplace;
5) All players searching for real world data, including maps, private companies, urban development companies and local authorities can rent the data from the marketplace.
The use of blockchain and Smart Contracts technology guarantees the quality of the data
and the remuneration of its collectors, as well as protects against the risks of hacking, that have become a common issue today.
Thus, allowing data acquirers to get reliable and accurate data on one hand, and data collectors to be remunerated for its generation on the other hand, Dataeum has all chances to be at the origin of real data revolution.

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