Allows the company to promote products in virtual reality

DAR is a modern utility token based on Ethereum blockchain ERC-20 protocol. The utilization strategy of the token will be connected with a developed platform. Our platform will accept DAR as a payment metod within the system. Denar platform will set the price of a token inside the system at the day of platform start and the price will be adjusted if the valuation of the cryptocurrency will go above the provided minimal price. So when the token price will grow exchanges than services inside the system will be adjusted to the current pricing. For example if event placement cost 1000 DAR at starts, when price of the DAR will grow 10 times that the price for event placement will drop to 100 DARs Community members will be paid in denAR‘s for visiting the place and for playing the games. What’s more, people will be able to get rewards in form of discounts for services offered by business that runs a campaign in the selected area. DenAR introduce member minting system which allows people to mine denAR for completing activities within the system. Based on the geolocation, the map displays the available AR experiences divided into commercial and private. The map allows you to view experiences divided into different types of tasks, value and type of prizes, and allows you to calculate the optimal route allowing you to get the most rewards.

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Piotr Baczyński, Co-founder CEO of Immersion -

Bartosz Rosłoński, Co-founder Board of Immersion -

Michał Jarecki, Team member CFO of Immersion -

Paul Jastrzębski, Advisor Developer releations at Oculus -

Thomas Klodowski, Advisor Managing Director at Stewart International -

Wojciech Andrzejewski, Advisor Owner at WJA investments LTD -

Magnus Jern, Advisor Head of Innovation at DMI Chariman at TAPP Water S.L. -

Mariusz Jarzebowski, Advisor Competitive strategy and new business at Microsoft -

Bogusław Kułakowski, Advisor T-Mobile Poland -

David Putts, Advisor Managing Director at BILLON -

Piotr Danelski, Advisor Blockchain investor and enthusiast -

Szymon Piekarz, Advisor Blockchain Developer, CEO of TokensGate -

Jeff Grady, Advisor CEO at Bull Run Advisors -

Laurent Uhres, Advisor Entrepreneur and Coddiwompler -

Zosia Kłudka, Team member -

Kinga Demska, Team member -

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