Transparent ecosystem for product management & protection

We have made it our mission to create transparency and organization in the relationship between things, people and the law in order to reduce property and fraud offences.

DEZOS is the result of an entrepreneurial initiative by members of law enforcement agencies to ensure more efficient and, above all, more effective day-to-day cooperation between task forces, victims and insurance companies.

The DEZOS Blockchain solution is the key to secure data storage, the indexing of valuables, the creation of individualised insurance services and support in all ownership transfer processes. DEZOS has a preventive effect and creates identity in things.Our founders are still active police officers and have extensive experience in forensics and the investigation of property and fraud offences. DEZOS is supported by the Federal Council and enjoys the interest of several law enforcement agencies.

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René Hauri, CEO & Co-Founder -

Kay Stutz, CTO & Co-Founder -

Kay Stutz, CTO & Co-Founder -

Steffen Pahl, Marketing & Web Development - Co-Founder & CMO -

Christian Rieser, COO & Co-Founder -

Achim Jenner, Chief Strategy Officer -

Dominik Strobel, Blockchain native - Co-Founder & CIO -

Thomas Bocek, Senior Software Engineer -

Sperb Machado, Senior Software Engineer -

Maurice Zum Felde, Software Engineer -

Paul Mayer, Software Engineer -

Sanjiv Jha, Software Engineer -

Tim Haag, Web development & Cloud Space Specialist -

Rainer Brosy, Community Manager & Content Creator -

Arash Jahedmanesh, Community Manager & Content Creator -

Frederike Steschulat, Community Managerin -

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