Security, economy and digital ecosystem.

Ecomi is a security, economy and digital ecosystem supported by ORBIS Blockchain Technologies Ltd. ECOMI aims to bring blockchain technology to the mainstream in one user-friendly platform. It offers the many benefits of decentralization, privacy, and control in the paim of your hands, with our Secure Wallet and ECOMI One cards. At the core of ECOMI is a desire to create a range of usable and functional products, which will be achieved using a mixture of existing technologies, proprietary tools and numerous standing partnerships.

The "security aspect" of ECOMI aims to solve current problems when using applications developed on blockchains and cryptocurrency, through using thr Secure Wallet and ECOMI One (physical hardware). If private keys are not stored offline, they are potentially at great risk. Since the beginning of cryptocurrency, billions os dollars have been lost to hackers and theft, and the most secure solution is to store your cryprocurrency/private keys, and decentralized applications (DApps) access on an offline device, such as a cold-storage hardware wallet.

The ‘digital ecosystem’ refers to apps and services that reside in the ECOMI ecosystem and within the functions of the Secure Wallet and ECOMI One device. These DApps and services are created both by ECOMI and eventually any ECOMI user who wishes to launch their own app, or business, in the ECOMI ecosystem. The ecosystem will offer the opportunity for anyone to participate, and benefit from the development and growth of the ecosystem, and enjoy the many benefits of cryptocurrency, blockchain technology, privacy and control.

While the scope of ECOMI is wide, it will be achieved by working with a range of established partnerships with leading providers across multiple industries. This will provide a technological baseline on which ECOMI products and services will be built, thus streamlining many areas of the technological development. ECOMI intends to utilise these partnerships, and combine them with the ECOMI vision, to bring to life an amazing range of products and services. As the uptake of ECOMI increases over time, so will the value, and function, to the network and its participants, as seen in Metcalfe’s Law and Social Theory. This, in turn, will help fuel further expansion and undiscovered developments within the wider ECOMI ecosystem.

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David Yu, CEO -

Daniel Crothers, COO -

Joseph Janik, CIO -

Mikel Duffy, CTO -

Lucas Young, Full Stack Developer -

Rhys Skellern, Communications Manager -

Douglas Hand, Art Director -

Sean Liang, Sales Manager -

James Li, Licensing Manager -

Howard Lin, Customer Service -

Jong Wang, Customer service -

Jonty Kelt, Founder, Fantail Ventures -

Hongbo Xu, Founder & CEO InnoHub -

Ward Stirrat, Founder -

Michael Ou, Founder & CEO, CoolBitX -

Kam Punia, Founder, Pixion Games -

Tudor Clee, Barrister and Solicitor -

Jeff Lander, Founder, Red Button Gaming (AR/VR) -

Paul Adams, CEO EverEdge Global -

Ryan Donnelly, Founder, TITANBLOCK -

James Lu, IC & Biometrics Expert -

Paul Martin, Ex Vice President Merrill Lynch -

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