Ethereum Wildfire Project

Use Ethereum to login to websites

Log into websites using Ethereum!

The Ethereum Wildfire Project is promoting the use of Ethereum for general-purpose authentication. On the EWP website, there is a demo of how MetaMask can be used to login to a web service. EWP also plans to popularize Ethereum-based authentication techniques for corporate settings, for example, logging in to a company’s intranet.

The Ethereum Wildfire Project is raising funds to support its agenda via a seed-funding token sale. The funds will be used to create turn-key tools for the MetaMask login technique; backend libraries (javascript/node.js and wordpress); open-source modules for popular authentication frameworks; royalty-free artwork; sample code; and instructional videos — and what we believe will be the most effective way to promote this login technique; that is, to submit EAP-Keccak modules to the FreeRadius project and Internet Drafts to the IETF, and even to shepherd the Ethereum authentication techniques through the Network Working Group, to culminate in one or more RFC standards — so that people will be required to use the MetaMask login technique at their workplaces.

The EWP seed token sale contract is a standard ERC20 contract, that forwards all received funds to an organize-funds contract . The seed tokens do not pay any dividends, and we are not making any projections that they will appreciate — at this time the seed tokens simply indicate that you have supported the Ethereum Wildfire initiative. If we are successful in the coming months, then we might hold a more conventional ICO — and at that time we will convert the EWP seed tokens into EWP ICO tokens, with a 90% discount; that is, if the ICO EWP tokens are sold to the public at the same price as the seed tokens, then each seed token will be converted into 10 ICO tokens.

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