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Freldo Inc., registered in Canada in 2011, is located in Toronto, Ontario. The company has developed a new social network called Freldo . The name was chosen not by chance and derives from the word Friend. The motto of the company is «Trust Your Friends!»

Its uniqueness lies in the fact that from the very beginning it was created as a free public place, where small businesses and their customers – who are close friends and acquaintances – could communicate. At the same time, Freldo has become an example of successful implementation of new technologies in the interests of small and medium business development.

The developers of Freldo have set themselves the goal of eliminating all the major problems that small business today faces in the online space.

In particular, we are talking about the power of feedback, the high cost of advertising on popular Internet resources, the existing distrust of potential customers to service providers. Freldo also solves problems in the field of pricing, simplifies the calculations, which positively affects both the financial condition of small businesses and the wallet of ordinary consumers. The Freldo network is now exploring who to transition to using blockchain technology, with the support of experienced specialists in this area. Thanks to these modern technologies, it will be possible to establish direct communication between the seller and the buyer, excluding any interference or influence of intermediaries.

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Evgeni Olkhovski, Founder & CEO of Freldo -

Evgeni Olkhovski, Founder & CEO of Freldo -

Zelik Levit, CTO of Freldo -

Zelik Levit, CTO of Freldo -

Pavel Brokhman, Senior Technical Consultant -

Pavel Brokhman, Senior Technical Consultant -

Gennadiy Shlayer, Enterprise Data Architect -

Gennadiy Shlayer, Enterprise Data Architect -

Yevgeny Merkulov, Technical Lead -

Alex Manzyukov, Lead Developer Consultant -

Stan Dubinsky, Financial Analyst -

Stan Dubinsky, Financial Analyst -

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