Introducing the first distributed Artificial Intelligence in the cannabis industry.

Our vision

GANA Technologies provides optimized AI solutions to individuals and research institutes by establishing an ecosystem which collects and shares data from the cannabis industry. GANA Technologies would make users be the indirect developers of AI as they provide the necessary data for responsible AI training. GANA Technologies would also provide the directions for maintaining the good intentions of AI, and retain objectivity by manging AI transparently and exhaustively according to development on the procedures and training results.

GANA ecosystem

The GANA ecosystem initially focuses on collecting data from retailers / communities / research institutes and personal data, but, will be opened for all new participants who are willing to be part of the system. For example, a producer of digital content to serve mobile applications can participate as a content provider in the GANA ecosystem, where GANA AI provides content to users through mobile applications. In this case, this participant will be provided with insights such as consumer response that could lead to new contents productions.

Why blockchain

For solving problems rising from social concerns of misusing AI, GANA Technologies will integrate a decentralized management method based on reliability, transparency and security of the blockchain technology. This will act as a device that will secure the ethical responsibility of all participants to prevent developing discriminatory rules.

Integrity & Reliability

GANA AI transparently manages the data provided to it without any intentional or unintentional errors. The big data developed by GANA AI is built by many participants. All the process of retrieving data from ecosystem including personal and organizations will be recorded through the blockchain and managed with transparency.

We would like to add that we will record even reference personnel or organizations led to algorithm developments both directly and indirectly.

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