Global Wasp

Project where users create conditions and comfort for themselves you improve and facilitate the lives of many people and give them what they so expect today

The Global Wasp app gives the opportunity for Buyers to view ads from the Seller or Global Wasp in order to get the Internet for free. This is available everywhere in the world without any restrictions! Global Wasp does not have any competitors due to the simplicity of the implementation of the idea (using only existing Wi-Fi modules in your devices) along with patent protection of the project and financiers in the 50 largest and most developed countries. Using Global Wasp will allow for use of all Internet content: messaging programs, social networks, apps, news channels, etc. Global Wasp has huge potential for growing and distribution. Global Wasp has the biggest potential for advertising in the world! Global Wasp will be as popular and widespread as the Internet itself is. Our goal is to create a professional and easy-to-use app and effectively launch an advertising campaign for the Global Wasp app so that it will be used all over the world!

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