Virtual Reality Shopping Experience

Limited parking spaces, long lines, poor quality product displays. These are just few of the many reasons why people now prefer the world of online buying than going to local stores. However, despite the convenience online shops have given the people around the worldwide, issues about security, delivery, and product quality still make consumers uncomfortable. One way to improve the e-commerce industry and the online shopping experience among buyers is to build a highly revolutionized online shopping center integrated with a blockchain technology. Since blockchain holds an immutable ledger and a strong smart contract in nature, issues on security and payment glitches can be easily resolved. The creation of CybMall as the newest online mall that serves as intermediary between seller and buyer addresses the said challenges in online shopping and leverages on the power of blockchain through a cryptocurrency called Glodcoin. The depreciating fiat currency among traditional stores is now being replaced inside the first ever 3D virtual shopping mall in the world with a Glodcoin that maximizes people’s purchasing capacity. With a front-end design powered by VueJS and a back-end design based on highly optimized Django Python programming language, one can be sure that the ease of doing business can be truly achieved with CybMall.

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