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IBK system is made with the hope of providing a fancy platform to facilitate the process of buying, selling and running an ICO, which helps not only ICO investors but also companies that are willing to run ICO. And one of the most significant features of the IBK system is ICO BANK, where information about ICOs will be posted so that users/investors will be able to consult and participate in those ICOs right on the IBK system. In order to let an ICO of any company to be published on ICO BANK and receive support of selling tokens on the IBK system, it is required that it meets all the requirements which suggested by experts of IBK system. The process of evaluating and selecting ICOs from the experts of IBK team will be done based on the feasibility, application, potential profitability, significant technical features of the systems that can be built using the funds from the ICOs. This team of experts consists of experts in economics, securities, information technology, those that have experience in the Blockchain field, experts in investing to help evaluate the potential profitability when participate in the ICOs. In addition, this group of experts from IBK also consists of lawyers, who can provide advice and comments on legal aspects about the ICOs. This can help investors to have better reference about whether it follows strictly legal frameworks. However, it is totally up to the investors to decide whether to invest in the ICOs or not.

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