Land Layby

Africa has never ending land disputes and massive dead capital whose solutions lies in blockchain land registries like Land LayBy Listing

Leveraging on the blockchain technology, Land LayBy is building a trusted shared distributed ledger for recording land buying and selling transactions that can never be altered, corrupted, forged or replicated in error.

Land buyers all over the world face land acquisition challenges from the lack of reliable information about the land they are interested in acquiring. In addition, corruption in the current land registry systems undermines the provision of basic services with many recorded cases of bribery and extortion, coupled with official indifference when seeking redress from authorities.

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Peter Tole, Founder and Chief Innovation Officer -

Phyllis Tole, Co-Founder and Chief Financial Officer -

David Njuguna, Business Compliance Advisor -

Victor Asoyo, Business Advisor and Founding Director -

Lucy Muthoni, Chief Quantitative Analyst -

Purushottam Parashar, Chief Technology Officer -

Raymond Kaniu, Chief Strategy Officer -

Pravin Tambe, Project Manager -

Vignesh Iyer, Blockchain Architect -

Vijayta Bhatt, Lead Blockchain Developer -

Priyanka Pareek, Blockchain Analyst -

Daniel Kagwi, ICT Officer -

Eric Kinyungu, Business Compliance & Development Advisor -

Gideon Ng’etich, Blockchain Business Development Executive -

Janephoebe Awuor, Accountant -

Lewis Karanja, Brand Manager -

Lucy Maina, Receptionist -

Linda Kilwake, Customer Relationship Manager -

Maria Ruchiu, Operations and Logistics Assistant -

Isaac Dzakpata, Chief Operations Officer -

Jeff Opoku, GIS Officer -

Richard Otoo, Consulting Geologist at Flint Resources -

Sylvester Se-edzi, Sales & Marketing -

Victoria Aidoo, Data Analyst -

Daniel Kungu, Fintech Consultant -

Kimani Ndungu, Technology Consultant -

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