Lumio Coin

Next crypto investment platform generation with AI

Lumio Coin is a new decentralized network with artificial intelligence to buy and sell cryptocurrency shares, which replaces traditional payments with an exceptional way of consuming, delivering and sharing your money, without charges and connected from your mobile, and which completely interrupts the way in which the companies raise their funds, instantly and anonymous transactions.

The network orders the intelligent member solution to offer financing, with features such as real-time announcements, savings, financial IQ and mobile touch to pay for performance.

Lumio Coin was created to access a global payment network that allows global compliance and to interrupt the way companies or ICOs raise funds from the Lumio Coin portfolio around the world.

Lumio Coin is developed by experienced digital entrepreneurs who have passion and experience in managing networks and online platforms. This experience includes the implementation of online marketing strategies, customer service, digital marketing and experts in cryptocurrency and blockchain finance, all of which are backed by appropriate legal services.

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