MEDIA Protocol

Turning content into smart URLs. Earn tokens while reading, watching and sharing content you love.

MEDIA Protocol is a smart contract that turns any URL into a blockchain wallet where funds can be distributed to consumers based on how they interact with the content URL. This creates a new Audience Economy based on the value of each participant’s contribution to the success of a piece of content in their network. Benefits to Customers • Participate in a transparent economy around the content that you interact with • Exchange your interactions for frictionless access to better content • Incentivise industry actors to create better content by giving them access to your data Benefits to Brands • Activate the networks you care about for effective content distribution • Understand how to build more engaging content for audiences through better understanding of their interactions • Become a trusted partner in a content ecosystem, where you partner with tribes and the audiences you care about Implementation: MEDIA Protocol will provide early adopters with the technology and support to implement projects: • Advice on best practice support • Access to the Publisher Portal for interaction with the smart contract • SDK for seamless integration across your network of sites and applications • Access to Hybrid and Tracking Servers, and Recommendation Engines to quickly create impact See it in Action: Download CryptoCatnip from the App Store (code: cc2018) CryptoCatnip is a crypto news aggregator app using Media Protocol. It allows you to quickly browse the latest crypto news while collecting MEDIA tokens.

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Thomas Graham, Co-founder -

Martin Adams, Co-founder -

James Tabor, CEO -

Mark White, CTO -

Josef Sevcik, Blockchain Developer -

Katya Volkova, Head Data Scientist -

Julia Bohutska, Data Scientist -

Kostas Skourtis, Backend Developer -

Gillis Van Den Broeke, Backend Developer -

Mahmoud Hanafy, Backend Developer -

Artur Rashitov, Backend Developer -

Ahmed Mahran, Backend Developer -

Sandra Lagarto, Product Manager -

Vianney le Masne, Lead Designer -

Sebastian Graham, Research & Strategy -

Ed Coleridge Smith, Mobile Consultant -

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