Zero-fee tokenized Masternode fund

MNODE is a zero-fee tokenized Masternode fund that will use the money raised to purchase the underlying masternode assets and run operations. Investors will be rewarded with ETH or in WAN from its masternode block rewards, with a substantial amount being automatically reinvested to purchase more masternodes. All transactions will be fully transparent on the Wanchain Blockchain protocol, and eventually, on Chainfund's very own permissionless blockchain. Leveraging our financial and technical expertise in Cryptocurrencies, the fund will be monitored 24/7 for maintenance, risk management, and potential ROI ceiling.

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Thanh Do, Co-Founder & CEO -

Yann Quelenn, Co-Founder & CIO -

Danny Christ, Head of Partnership -

Khoa Tran, Head of Engineering -

Vinh Nguyen, Head of Product -

Anh Le, Head of Marketing -

Ninh Dang, Back-end Lead -

Quoc Nguyen, Front-end Lead -

Tony Le, Design Lead -

Duc Hoang, Full-stack Engineer -

Tiep Doan, Mobile Engineer -

Steven Tran, Blockchain Engineer -

Nguyen Truong, Front-end Engineer -

Anh Le, Back-end Engineer -

Thao Le, UI/UX & Graphic Designer -

Alevtina Dubovitskaya, Blockchain Researcher -

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