Buy, Sell, Trade & Exchange Crypto assets with Confidence

We aim for Monetahawk (MNH) to be the solution to the issues currently facing the industry and set a new standard when it comes to crypto currency exchanges.

The main idea of the project is for the possibility of new coins becoming more popular. A professional pool with modern interface, integrated marketplace and functionality all combine for a way to support new coins, and here on Monetahawk everyone can support them. We are committed to develop a platform that will bring cryptocurriencies and blockchain assets to the masses. Users will be able to unlock premium features and receive discounts upto 60% on various fees by utilizing the MNH tokens on the platform.

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Chandrashekhar Joshi, IT Operations -

Amit Singh Bisht, Network Security -

Vaibhav Vats, Digital Marketing -

NIKHIL TANDON, Data Analytics -

Suvagata Roy, Technology and Innovations -

Vimal Verma, Legal and International Protocols -

ABHIMANYU SINGH, Finance & Investment -

NAVIIN KAPOOR, Corporate Blockchain Analyst -

Fabrizio Zampieri, Chief Finance Strategist -

Shrikant Kherkar, Advocates & Solicitors -

Erik Rasmussen, CTO -

Shubhranshu Shekhar, CPM -

Sanjive Kumar Gupta, CEO -

Mohit Verma, COO -

Puneet Bhatia, Director of Motion Graphics -

Anil Sharma, President of Business Operations -

Himanshu Sharma, Director Business Development -

Abhishek Soni, Director Design and Project -

Anand Sinha, Senior Technology Officer -

Binaya Sahoo VP Technical Engineering -

Surbhie Jain Head- Global Partnership -

Pooja Wadhawan, Head Human Resource -

Vivek Dubey, Investment Funds Specialist -

Saumya Rajan, Chief Social Media Strategist -

Sneh Bajpai, Chief Graphic Designer and UX Officer -

Geeta Kushwaha, Stack Developer and Chief Architect -

Rahul Yadav, Blockchain Expert -

Arpit Srivastava, Lead Exchange Developer -

Prashant Jain, Market Research & Customer Behaviour -

Rohit Bakshi, Project Manager -

Sobhon Pani, Senior Software Engineer, UI/UX Design -

Manveer Singh, Investment Fund/Bank Relations -

Rishabh Khare, Risk Analyst and Financial Modeling Expert -

Pooja Yadav, Compliance officer and Coordinator -

Vineet Dureja, CPO and Project Manager -

Ashutosh Parashar, Blockchain Analyst -

Kannu Aghi, Advisor-Chief Strategy -

Kunal Miglani, Advisor- Overseas Investment -

Sridhar Prabhu, Anantharaman Advisor- Payment Gateway -

Tarun Aggarwal, Advisor- Senior Technologist -

Ankur Singhal, Advisor-Community Leader -

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