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Aiming to pioneer the tourism sector’s blockchain revolution via a unique travel booking platform

More Stamps Global is aiming to pioneer the tourism sector’s blockchain revolution via a unique travel booking platform designed to make travel cheaper, safer and fully adapted to customer needs. By harnessing the power of blockchain, bookings and payments are executed cheaper, faster and more securely than with existing travel platforms and OTAs. Bookings are secured on the immutable ledger, while transaction fees are eliminated, resulting in 10%-30% cheaper fares for all travel services. The acceptance of over 40 major existing cryptocurrencies, in addition to the use of MSG token to receive exclusive discounts on travel services, ensures the rapid adoption of crypto in the travel industry as the MSG platform expands. The MSG platform makes it possible for travellers to access maps, accommodation options, and business reviews, all from their mobile devices, and all available without any online access. These projects will be linked together and integrated with a secure, international, and decentralized cryptocurrency called the MSG token. Customer data safety is ensured by the highest standards of cybersecurity, underpinned by smart-contract blockchain technology. Furthermore, additional identity verification protection systems ensure the anonymity of transactions and users. Any threat of hacking or data breaches is therefore eliminated permanently. With an inventory of more than 250,000 travel services globally, MSG is ready to unleash the widest, fastest and more price-competitive travel booking platform in the world. The next section details the most important features of MSG and their functioning processes.

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Patrick Amoah, Founder & CEO -

Yazan Al Imam, Business Developer & ICO Advisor -

Darius Kozlovskis, Strategic Marketing & ICO Advisor -

Victoria Amoah, Head Of Sales & Suppliers Relation -

Sydney Ifergan, ICO Advisor & Marketing Consultant -

Jason Hung, ICO Advisor & Founder Of Crypto Fund -

Darya Hniadzko, Platform Design UI/UX -

Giovanni Casagrande, ICO Advisor & Co-Founder Of Black Marketing Guru -

Marco Sala, ICO Legal Specialist & Advisor -

Shadrack Kofi Amoah, Business Analyst & Suppliers Relation -

Giacomo Arcaro, ICO Advisor & Co-Founder Of Black Marketing Guru -

Naviin Kapoor, Blockchain & ICO Consultant -

Bogdan Fiedur, ICOBench Expert, Smart Contract Developer, Full Stack Developer -

Ken Cucchia, Founder of ListaCoin DEX & ICO Advisor -

Joshua Newornu, Technical Support Specialist -

Denis Drogovski, Legal Consultant -

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