Crypto exchange with no transaction fee

Myoho comes with all what is necessary for effective use of cryptocurrencies. It gives you Security, Zero Transaction fees (3rd Party excluded) and many more Features. Enabling way to exchange tokens in reward to purchase products without investing FIAT currencies. Empowering the use of crypto currencies and the goal of decentralization. Myoho E-Commerce system effectively supports cost reduction at manufactures ends and effectively managing supply chain via e-Commerce platforms.

The goal of Myoho is to penetrate the global market in a way such that it can be used for shopping, making payments and other online/offline transactions.Decentralized blockchain approach to handle the transactions. It’s loaded with distributed ledger to handle direct, ad hoc asset trades between complicit parties.

Due to Decentralize blockchain and art of state technology like distributed ledger, parallel ledgers of transactions, colored coins etc.. Makes the transactions almost free.

Apart of the charges applied by the relevant blockchains, we at Myoho do not charge any transaction fee. Myoho plans to integrate systems across multiple platforms Travel being one, ensuring more powers in the hands of token owners. This will include from booking of hotels, resort, rental properties, etc.Due to its decentralized blockchain approach assets remain in the possession of the user until the transaction is completed therefore there is no possibility of a weak point in the chain.

We are building a fully rounded ecosystem for investors where traditional online traders can make an easy leap into blockchain and crypto investors can utilize all their finances on the same platforms. The MYOHO ecosystem will be delivering one coin many benefits by providing the safe , secured ,free, decentralized exchange and trust worthy innovative rewarding system integrated E-Commerce platform.

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