Nebula Exchange

Centralized cryptocurrency exchange platform that combines trading with news, technical analysis, user reviews and P2P-messaging

Nebula Exchange is an unique centralized cryptocurrency exchange platform that combines a state-of-the-art trading platform with news, technical analysis, user reviews and P2P-messaging to provide a one-stop community trading solution.  We believe that in the nascent stage that cryptocurrency markets are, traders, especially new ones, need a lot more than just price and volume information to make decisions. Everything you need to research a coin will be available on Nebula Exchange.

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Nathan Collins, Chief Product Officer -

Vincent Jaques, Founder, Chairman -

Rohan Juneja, Chief Executive Officer -

Charles Li, Business Development and Strategic Alliances, Asia -

Delphin Rakotonindrina, Full Stack Developer -

Frederic Ramandaniarivo, Senior Developer -

Joelisata Rabeharisolo, Developer -

Rohit Behl, UI/UX Designer -

Deepak Kaushik, Web Expert -

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