Omnilytics Platform

Cross-industry data infrastructure

Omnilytics has architected a distributed data network. It aggregates datasets from all industries and combines crowd-sourced and under-utilised artificial intelligence to create singularised processed datasets with infinite use cases. Through this we provide enterprise grade data and machine learning tools for everyone. It will be functional across multiple chains, networks and communities. Omnilytics is developing its ecosystem through strategic investments and partnerships to provide a global data infrastructure for all industry verticals. 

Omnilytics Platform represents the new frontier of how data is aggregated, processed and utilised. Thanks to aggregated singularised datasets, Omnilytics is not limited by industry specific antitrust rules and becomes the pillar of support for all companies utilising data; providing Omnilytics users access to the data they require.

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Kendrick Wong, CEO, Co-Founder -

Sylvia Yin, COO, Co-Founder -

Nikolai Prettner, CDO, Co-Founder -

Marcus Low, CTO, Co-Founder -

James Smith, Head of Data Science -

Claire-Ariane Lorber, Head of Data Analytics -

Tan Veen Dee, Head of Retail Insight -

Tan Jun Jie, Blockchain Developer -

Matthew, Director of retail -

Ken Chan, Blockchain Developer -

Hwei Ming Choong, Head of Marketing -

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