Sco Platform

Use funds without fear of sanctions, quickly transfer, securely store

SCO PLATFORM: use funds without fear of sanctions, quickly transfer, securely store. The SCO platform is a Platform that interacts with the banking system, payment systems and people. SCO platform will be implemented in two versions. The first version of the "SCO PROJECT "will be a multi - currency wallet with an internal exchanger between the project token of the ERC20-SCO standard and the internal tokens of the" SCO PROJECT " projects implemented on different blockchains, depending on the needs of the projects.

Why is it necessary? Now every blockchain project seeks to release its own token, cryptocurrency on exchanges, but not always the volumes are sufficient for the project to be presented on large, serious exchanges, or to be fixed there and not removed. And that is exactly what will happen in the future with illiquid tokens. SCO projects will not independently enter the exchanges, they will be converted through a single token of the platform – SCO. Thus, the turnover of the SCO token will grow with the growth of the number of projects. The platform will unite projects (initially only projects of SCO team, and then outside projects).

The second version of the platform - "SCO PLATFORM" - a platform that combines multi-currency, cold wallet, crypto-exchange and integrates not one but different payment systems (Ripple, Stellar, NEO and others) to achieve the highest efficiency and reliability of payments, which will allow people to securely store and quickly transfer funds, with a minimum Commission. Why the platform for the Shanghai cooperation organization countries? The name reflects the direction of use of the platform. We believe in the Asian market, it is much more than the US and Europe. This does not mean that SCO will not expand its presence, we will strive for this, depending on the possibility of presence in a particular country.

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