Selfie GO

Augmented reality social network with cryptocurrency environment

Selfie GO is a social network that uses gamification, AR technology and its own cryptocurrency to help people find friends in just a couple of steps. Selfie GO offers an innovative view on interactions within social networks. Classic social networks do not offer any motivation for building new, long-lasting friendships, and dating services do not provide any context for long-term communication. One of the main goals of Selfie GO is to help users make new acquaintances and find friends. To this end, Selfie GO uses AR and gamification, encouraging users to share photos, participate in weekly tournaments and create their own content. Geolocation and augmented reality make it possible to create a more valuable and engaging news feed, based not only on personal connections and interests but also on surrounding events.

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Andriy Semenyuk, Founder -

Bohdan Repekh, Executive Director -

Stanislav Petrovskyi, Chief Technical Officer -

Dmytro Kustov, Chief Strategy Officer -

Julia Morar, Head of PR -

Max Shash, Chief Marketing Officer -

Olena Tkach, Chief Product Officer -

Kyrylo Staroverov, Product Manager -

Olesia Stepanchuk, Chief Relationship Officer -

Iryna Sivach, Chief Legal Officer -

Yuliia Skochylo, Legal Officer -

Nataliia Homolska, Chief Financial Officer -

Kateryna Kozemirova, Art Director -

Igor Ermolenko, Lead developer -

Artem Storozhuk, Senior Java Developer -

Serhii Bilokur, Senior Java Developer -

Andrii Loievets, Senior Java Developer -

Vitalii Polchuk, Senior Java Developer -

Maria But'ko, Lead UI/UX designer -

Ihor Kalchenko, web-designer -

Tatyana Pashko, web-designer -

Alex Ryhluk, UI/UX designer -

Dmytro Demkovych, 3d Artist/2d Artist -

Iryna Semenyuk, QA Engineer -

Vitalii Andrieiev, QA Engineer -

Andrey Gilyov, QA Engineer -

Maryna Domina, HR Director -

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