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STATTM /'statm:/ - /'ستاتم/ is the shorten randomized name of both meaning (Stat Transformation Mazuma) or (Instant Transactions Money) represented as the shorten name for the company, it's an ERC20 open source, community crypto currency. It allows folks to store and invest their wealth in a non-government controlled currency and make almost instantaneous and completely anonymous transfers with tiny fees.

STT TOKENS ICO campaigns are promise-able. STT ICOs promises the holders to be guaranteed rights to 100% of the total invested funds to be insured if the ICO get fail in any cases all the holders funds will be returned, and Stattm has rights to take the funds when the ICO hit the soft-cap - hard-cap through the ICOs provider, to put into the smart contract on the blockchain to move the volatility chart and it will be a big step in Stattm history for both the company itself and all the interested community. we also partner with one of the best trusted and secure ERC20 wallet the TRUST wallet. you can hodl your STT tokens in the wallet, and also you can use other recommended Ethereum wallets beside it.  

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Karwan Mino, CEO, Co_Founder -

David Holmes, COO, Co_Founder -

Idris Rabiu, CTO -

Chirg Maliwal, Blockchain Developer -

Mark Joseph, General Manager -

Ramon Arnel, Marketing Officer -

Patience Peter Ovie, Content Writer -

Myra D Barros, CCO of Stattm -

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