UMKA is a comfortable space for cooperation between employers and contractors that offers a wide array of useful tools integrated into its system

UMKA offers employers a selection from dozens of thousands of freelancers with the required competence levels recorded in their electronic passports.

UMKA provides freelancers with access to thousands of projects, vacancies, testing systems with a self-control function, and training programs from the world’s leading educational institutions.

UMKA does not only offer a job search. It is a smart system that makes possible for employers to set the precise requirements for freelancers while freelancers are able to build competences following the market trends.

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Timur Akhmedjanov, CEO -

Timur Akhmedjanov, CEO -

Sergey Sukhanov, COO, Blockchain Expert -

Evgeniy Mitrofanov, CTO -

Matvey Bogomolov, Blockchain Developer -

Vasilii Sorokin, Fullstack Developer -

Daria Gefenider, PR -

Stanislav Belsky, SEO, Internet Markering -

Antonina Afanaskina, Designer, UX/UI -

Julia Shakhtina, Designer -

Constantin Bryzgalin, Lead Developer, DevOps -

Anatoly Ryumkin, iOS Developer -

Yevgeniy Lozovich, Android Developer -

Andrey Smolnikov, Frontend Developer -

Gleb Dvoryatkin, Analytics -

Vera Khlopotnikova, Marketing -

Aleksey Tsyttser, Designer, UX/UI -

Roman Baev, Designer, UX/UI -

Dmitry Ivanov, Frontend Developer -

Ann Sozinova, SMM -

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