Universal Energy

Combining token shield and GEM machines for clean green energy.

With the world economy in constant flux our finances are always vulnerable to downturns and recession. But imagine if you could take your money and convert it to a new currency, one that could skyrocket in value, and have a positive impact on the world. Even better, what if this incredible new currency increased in value year after year by sharing in sale proceeds from a revolutionary electricity source.

The answer is a new crypto currency, the Universal Energy Coin offered by Universal Energy. Now if you're wondering what's crypto currency? It can be simply described as a store of value in the form of the decentralized digital currency that uses secure communication for transactions. Perhaps the most well known crypto currency is a Bitcoin which was created in 2009 as well as Ethereum and Litecoin among many others. What they all share is a spectacular growth in value, increasing purchasing power, this differs from the traditional currencies like the American Dollar, Canadian Dollar, United Kingdom pound and the Euro. Which are devalued by inflation and out of control government spending, resulting in a loss of purchasing power. What makes the Universal Energy Coins growth potential so exciting is that it's value is unaffected by human manipulation, its protected from outside factors.

This is made possible by an automated blockchain, an accounting ledge system that sends digital money from vaults like digital blocks by automated computers. By removing all intermediary steps the UE Coin increases market value in real time, which creates the first ever gross revenues sharing shields for its coin holders and UECs guarantee a fair dealing.

But how does the universal energy coin add value for its investors unlike traditional currencies and most forms of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, the Universal Energy Coin is backed by an electricity to be sold commitment meaning UE Coin values grow according to a gross revenue share of the sold electricity with its clean green electricity providers.

Unlike traditional stock options, the UE Coin is tradable cryptocurrency and with a limited initial coin offering the scarcity of the coin contributes more to its value.

If you need more reasons to support the Universal Energy Coin consider how buying the UE Coin will help fund research and development of other forms of Clean, Green and renewable energy.

Becoming a UE Coin holder means joining a growing community concerned about the state of our environment and dedicated to our planet’s health. And this exciting opportunity offered by the Universal Energy will begin with our first energy technology - The SEG.

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