Transparency In giving.

The Vantage Network is a Contribution Tracking Platform that enables donors to see exactly how the money they contribute to a fundraising campaign is spent, down to the transaction level. This level of visibility engenders donor confidence, building trust in nonprofits and ultimately yielding more money raised to help people in need. Vantage Tokens (XVT) are a key component of the Vantage Network. A small percentage of every donation made via the Vantage Network is converted into XVT, which is utilized inside the platform to track how fundraising organizations spend the donations they receive. The Vantage Network consists of a web portal that allows nonprofits to easily manage their fundraising campaigns and create donation points, a mobile payment application used by nonprofits to spend contributions, a blockchain platform that leverages XVT to track contributions and spending, a digital asset management platform that is used to operate the system and software APIs that integrate the various nodes to enable the tracking of fiat currency and generation of campaign analytics.

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JARED DORMINEY, Co-founder -

JEFF HOOD, Co-founder -


MAYUR MOUDHGALYA, Blockchain Architect -

RAGHURAM BALA, Blockchain Architect -

ZAC FITZNER, Blockchain Expert -

JAY ROBBINS, Global Director of Finance -

C. DAN WYATT, III Legal Counsel -

ANUPAM VARSHNEY, Public Relations -

MIKE ANDERSON, Nonprofit Partner Manager -

PATRICK ROSENBERGER, Infrastructure Manager -

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