Electric charging stations network development

Our mission is the development of a modern cargo transportation infrastructure on the North American continent. The realization of the project starts with the construction of stations along the main US transport routes (principally Interstate Highway System) with a length of at least 1,600 km (1,000 miles)

The stations are planned to be located along the routes of cargo transport at a distance of 600 km (400 miles) from each other. At this stage, it is planned to build 40-50 stations.

Taking into account the declared volumes of sales of highway electric cargo vehicles, the start of the project is planned for 2019, the period of implementation of this stage is 1 year.

The project can be expanded in the future by opening additional stations covering almost the entire Interstate Highway System network, as well as the most commercially interesting motorways and the roads of the National Highway System and the main highways of Mexico and southern Canada.

Given the length of the roads is 80-90 thousand km, the distance between the stations is approximately 600 km, then it is possible to build about 250 charging stations at this stage. The project's market potential, if all major highways of the US, Mexico and southern Canada will be covered, with the length of the motorways up to 400,000 km, is 1500 or more charging stations.

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Eugene Prokhorenko, Business development specialist. -

Alexander Agudelo, Real estate director -

Maxim Ryzhakov, Head of information service -

Sergey Karpov, Blockchain adviser -

Andrey Chizhevsky, Architect, designer. -

Natalia Smirnova, Specialist in International Public Relations -

Aleann Ojeda Perdomo, Leading communications specialist -

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