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WARIOCOIN is a peer-to-peer network of converting cryptocurrency into real cash money(US DOLLARD, EURO, YUAN, YEN,WON,FRANC CFA...) via credit card or bank account combined with online and and mobile application(apps) targeted towards providind financial empowerment

Wario Coin (WRO) underpins our six business and banking solutions, creating an ultra-secure medium of exchange between users. Wario is committed to the continuous development of innovative new technology that will be supported by WRO with low transaction fees. The initial tokens for use on the Wario Exchange will be created using the Ethereum network ERC20 guidelines but Wario s will research, develop and implement a new ledger system that supports greater transaction volumes using the most efficient and scalable blockchain technology available ( Wario is closely examining WAVES or Ardor for this). Any holding of Wario Coin will be mirrored by the new medium of exchange. A theoretical maximum of 30000000 Wario Coins are available. Tokens sold to users will account for 80 percent of total supply; 6.5 percent of the token supply will be allocated to the core team and another 2.5 percent will go to advisors (the percentage allocations will be in proportion to the number of tokens sold to users). Ten percent of the total supply will be used in the referrals program. At the end of the ICO any unsold or unallocated Wario Coins will be burned. All tokens will be disbursed at the end of the ICO, and provided to the user’s designated wallet on our platform. Purchased tokens can be used immediately; however, referral and gifted tokens are restricted to our platform only (for example to pay for trading fees) for a period of two years after the end of the ICO. After this period, they can be freely exchanged for other crypto or fiat currencies. The team’s coin pool will be limited to releasing a maximum of 20 percent of their supply of coins in the first year, and 40 percent in each of the next two years. 9.0 TOKEN AND USER BENEFITS Everyone who signs up receives 100 free coins. In addition, each person who registers before the end of the ICO will be given a referral link. Anyone who clicks on the link and buys a minimum of 500 coins will be rewarded with 100 extra free coins and so will the referee. The more people you refer, the more free coins you will receive. There is no limit to the number of free tokens users can receive for every additional referral. SIGN UP AND.

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