Wind Mine

Independent mining operation using 100% renewable energy

Over the last eighteen months the Cryptocurrency market has more than doubled in size. At the time of writing, the Cryptomarket had pushed close to a trillion dollars in value only two months ago before residing back to its current levels. There are a number of cryptocurrencies that have embraced the logic of mining in order to verify transactions within their blockchain. Regardless of if you are an advocate of tokens which are self-sustaining and do not need mining or coins which require verification, the fact is that the mining industry is now expected to hit over one hundred million dollars this year alone. With the growth of this mining industry springing up in literally all corners of the globe a new problem is being encountered, the use of electricity within these mining operations. Those who use mining facilities will be aware of the high cost of running the GPU’s required to operate at high enough levels to see a return on the operation. Electricity is often the most expensive part of any mining operation and is often the determinate factor in the break even point for many companies.

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