“In Sharing We Trust!” – Sharpay.io Team

Sharing hot news, creative ideas and interesting thoughts has always been fashionable in the society. With Internet and online networks appearance, these processes have even become more popular and trendy – people actively disseminate interesting information for their friends in social networks, blogs, and forums.

Such a massive information distribution is a very powerful tool to promote and attract traffic to the sites. Traffic brings to the websites’ owners an increase in revenue, business growth and strengthens their reputation on the market. Therefore, today every website that seeks to expand its audience is interested in dissemination of its content within the social space – in the sharing.

The multisharing button, developed by Sharpay.io Company, is making a real breakthrough in the sharing. Click the video to learn more  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dWIF3bsxbLI

Sharpay is a high-tech, no analogues, but a simple sharing solution at the same time. There are two innovations combined in the product: multisharing and blockchain profit. Having these both options together makes Sharpay buttons unique. There is no other multisharing project with an opportunity to earn money using blockchain technology!

Multisharing. This is an opportunity to share content not in one social network, but in several at the same time – just in one click! It is simply comfortable, exciting and less time consuming.

Blockchain profit. You Share – We pay! – Sharpay.io declares. For every share, a user makes through Sharpay buttons he is rewarded by Sharpay tokens. That is a wonderful motivation for users to share content and monetize their popularity in the internet by earning cryptocurrency.

Revolutionary SMM tool for sites which multiple increases traffic, conversions and sales. Websites owners using Sharpay buttons save a lot of time and money on choosing and learning digital marketing, they get a better result, because the system has adjustable settings for targeting audience.

How does it work? – It is very simple.

  • The company or the site owner installs Sharpay button to the site, then he acquires Sharpay tokens and determines targeting of its content.
  • The buttons are easy to be installed and its design is customized based on the website owner’s desire.
  • Users start to disseminate content in social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  • For each user who has used the Sharpay multisharing button, an account is created in the system and a rating assigned. Depending on the rating and the number of follows the link to the targeted audience, the user is rewarded a certain number of tokens.

Advantages for Websites:

  • Traffic and Conversion Increase by distributing content to the targeted audience.
  • Site KPI improvement by optimizing the number of active viewers, users, registrations and sales.
  • Usability and Possibility Increase by using blockchain and cryptocurrency.

Project Facts:

  • Sharpay.io is TOP 1 project evaluated by 70 independent experts of ICOBench with the highest rating of 4.9 of all active projects;
  • The Project is in the MVP alpha testing stage, but hundreds websites already installed Sharpay buttons;
  • The Product’s  technology has the Eurasian international patent priority;
  • Sharpay’s Token Sale is live till 31 May 2018;
  • Sharpay raised the Soft Cap in the first week

Token Sale Details:

Just by it appearance, Sharpay improves the whole market. It makes it easy for various economic agents to find and cooperate with each other, the goods products and services are distributed faster than ever.

The growing blockchain popularization and tokenization of old technologies fosters Sharpay’s development and success.

“Sharpay is all in one blockchain project which aims to revolutionize sharing content on the web. It’s time not share content but Sharpay it” – BTCmanager.com

Sharpay is the share button with blockchain profit. In Sharing We Trust!

More info: www.sharpay.io


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